Visit to a place of historical interest essay – complete essay for students

Visit to a place of historical interest essay for class 8 to 12

Clues: (a) Place of destination: (b) Description of the place: (c) Conclusion.

During the last winter vacation I had an opportunity to visit to a place of historical interest and that is the mazar of Saint Khan Jahan Ali and Shat Gambuz Mosque at Bagerhat. Five of my friends and I went there by bus on the 29th December. It is one of the most famous historical sites in our country.

These sites bear testimony to the preaching of Islam during the reign of Mughal Dynasty in India. Khan Jahan Ali came to the then Bengal to preach Islam.

The mazar of Kharn Jahan Ali stands on a high ground. He excavated some old ponds to remove the problem of drinking water of the people of Bagerhat. There is a big lake-like tank in front of the mazar. We saw some crocodiles in visit to a place of historical interest. Many people threw cocks, hens etc. at them as offerings. We stayed there for some time and watched the attractive sites. We visited the beautiful lake beside the mazar.

Then we went inside the Shat Gambuj Mosque which is a bit away from the mazar. The mosque is a large building. Actually that the visit to a place of historical interest has seventy seven gambuj or domes and not Shat’ or sixty gambuj Reaching in front of the mosque I felt very excited as visit to a place of historical interest was very beautiful. The mosque has a great architectural value.

The interior and the exterior of the mosque exhibit exquisite beauty of architecture. We said our Magrib prayer in the mosque. Then we visited the surroundings of the mosque which attracted us much. Then the night fell. The night was a full moon night. There was a big fair on the night of the full moon. We went to the far. The arrangements of the fair were praiseworthy. We found a lot of people gathering in the fair. Many devoted disciples and Sufi-like people also gathered in the fair. In the fair there was a stage where many spiritual songs were sung. We bought some necessary things like cap, ator and sweetmeats from the fair.

Then we moved to Ghora Dighi. Visit to a place of historical interest is a large interest. As the moo was shining then, the lake looked very attractive. It is said that before digging this lake a horse was made to run a race. The distance run by the horse was accepted as the length of the dighi. We felt much pleasure seeing it.

We spent about six hours in visiting these places. We felt like being in the days of Khan Jahan Alt. The past history flashed before our mind’s eyes. I am really proud of having such a place in our country and for visiting the place. The memories are really worth bearing in mind.

Visit to a place of historical interest essay for class 5 to 8

Visit to a place of historical interest is a great source of knowledge. Man s desire to know the unknown, to see the unseen and to explore the unexplored is eternal, by way of moving from place he is able know the different races of men variety of languages and customs. He gets flavor of the historical places and sites. With a view to achieving these objective I along with some of my friends, during the summer vacation, went to mahasthangarh in Bogra. We sought the necessary permission and fund from the headmaster of school for visit to the place of historical interest. He readily accorded his kind permission and sanctioned necessary amount of money.

Visit to a place of historical interest is arranged by us. We hired a bus and started our journey. The bus gained the momentum and on the way met with a number of scenic attractions of great beauty. At long last our bus reached our destination and we all got down. Mahasthangarh is situated eight miles north of Bogra town. It stands on the korero. The site contains the extensive ruins of the ancient city spreading along the western bank of the river. Pundranagar represents the earliest city site in Bangladesh. The excavations conducted by the appropriate authorities led to the discovery of many interesting remains during the recent past. It took us some hours to go round the site. After visiting all those we reached the dakbanglow where we stayed. A visit to a place of historical interest is important for us.

The next day came as usual. We got up early and made arrangements for the return journey. We bade good bye to the staffs there then we took our seats in the bus. A time came when we found ourselves in the city of Dhaka again. Thus ended our visit to a place of historical interest. 

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