Value of time essay – complete essay for all classes of students

Value of time essay for class 9 to 12

The secret of success in life is use of time. Every moment is precious. Actually time is invaluable and since the dawn of civilization time is flowing ceaselessly without considering anything or caring anybody. Life is short but art long. We have to do a lot of jobs within a limited period of time. If we kill the precious minutes of our life in mere idleness, we are sure to kill ourselves. It is only by utilizing every moment properly, we can hope to achieve success. We must always bear this in mind that time once gone is gone for ever and there is no compensation for the lost time.

A proverb says, time and tide wait for none. Nobody, even the mighty king could not control the flow of time and make its wait for anybody. We can wait but time never waits a bit its ever moving wheels never stop for a while human life is nothing but the total of hours and days. Every moment of time makes up our life. So, time is life. We know, we live in deeds and not in years. And therefore, to neglect a minute is to neglect a part of life and shorten it by one minute. Waste of time can be considered as a great vice .we must remember that success in life depends on the proper use of time. But many do not rely this. They waste their time thinking that they would make up the loss in future. But their hope may never be fulfilled as every moment of time its particular,

Putting off any work for tomorrow, therefore, means over burdening ourselves. If a student knows how to use time properly, that is when to study, when to work, when to play and rest and when to sleep, he will never fail any time in life

Lack of punctuality is another way of wasting time. An punctuate man cannot finish his own duties and incurs the displeasure of others by wasting his time too in the military field; delay by minute may change the destiny of a nation. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo because a marshal of his was a few minutes late to come to his side. And Waterloo decided the fate of Europe for many years an idle man can achieve nothing in life .for him is long and time goes very slowly. He finds sufficient time to waste .as he has no work to do his brain becomes a devils finds sufficient time to waste. As he has work to do, have brain becomes a devils workshop.

Value of time essay for class 5 to 8

Time is the most precious thing in our life. The fulfillment in all sectors in our life depends on the proper use of time.

A proverb goes that time and tide waits for none. Time is moving from the very beginning of the civilization. It goes on and on. It does not take any rest. It is never constant. If we lose time, it can never be gained. Our success or failure in life depends on the proper use of time. So we should make proper use of time. The most precious period of our life is student life. The value of time to a student is limitless. So he should make an apt division of his time and do his duty accordingly. Then he will be able to reach the cherished goal of his life. He should not waste his time idly. He must think that every moment is very precious.

Wasting of time means the wasting of our life. We should not waste any moment idly. If we do not make the right use of time, we will not shine. Many great men in this world have made the proper use of time. We are the supreme creation of Allah. So we should not waste our time. The developed nations have always put emphasis on time. They have made proper use of time. We should make proper use of time to be developed. To conclude, there is no way to be successful if we do not use time properly. We should remember that time is money. It also brings success if we make proper use of it.

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