School magazine paragraph – complete paragraph for all students

The School magazine paragraph for class 9 to 12

Clues: (a) Its role in school life: (b) Containing: (c) Editing: (d) publishing: (e) Students’ feeling after its publication.

School magazine is an annual journal which is published by a school. Particularly it is published with the co-operation of students and teacher. Through a school magazine students can express their thoughts and ideas.

Every renowned school publishes a magazine. A school magazine serves to focus attention on the corporate life of the school. Students get an opportunity to express their feelings through it. A student should not confine himself in study only. He should be encouraged to take a wider view of things. A school magazine reflects the dormant talent of a student. So it should be made with a view to improving the academic and social life of the students and effort must be made to induce the largest number of students to contribute to the magazine.

A school magazine is normally published with a view to expressing the ideas of the students and it also tells about the various affairs of the institution.

Before publishing a school magazine, a committee is a must. The headmaster of the school is the chief patron or the chairman of the committee. An experienced teacher has been assigned as the editor of the magazine.

The functions of the editor is the most important. He has to be much more responsible clever and talented. An editor collects writings from the different students and teachers. Sometimes he has to write an editorial too. Editorial is considered the soul of the school magazine.

Publishing of the magazine in a right way is a major concern. Publication requires a lot of money which is normally funded by the school itself. Sometimes, the local conscious people contribute something. The students also play a major role in the publication.

The school magazine embodies the ideas, thoughts, imagination of the students. When they see their writings published in the magazine, their joys know no bounds it inspires them to continue their writings. By a well-organized school magazine, we can know about literature, history, science and many other things from it. The views and news on sports and games, boy-scouts activities, excursion reports and other extra academic activities can be expressed through it. Moreover by writing in a school magazine, the students become accustomed to writing, which will help them to become a great writer in future.

Every school should have a school magazine of its own. Because it develops the dormant thoughts of the students. It helps them how to think and express their ideas.

The School magazine paragraph for class 5 to 8

[A] What is a school magazine?

{b] How is school magazine published?

[c]What does it contain?

[d]How does it help it contain

[e]Why is school magazine important?

A school Magazine is an annual or periodical publication of a school written and contributed mostly by students it is a medium through which both students and teachers can demonstrate their creative power. We publish a magazine from our school. The name of the school magazine is kakoli. For the publication of the magazine a magazine committee is formed. A student becomes the editor and a senior teacher becomes the adviser. Other teachers assist the committee to publish it .the head teacher is the chief patron. There is a magazine fund which is made up of student’s fees a school magazine usually includes poems, short stories, jokes, one act drama, riddles and other writings related to school affairs. It also contains the report of the school activities of the whole year. The editor, at first, invites writing from the students and teachers. After proper editing, the selected ones are sent to the press for printing and publication. A school magazine encourages the students in literary activities Regular writing in the magazine gives a students a command over the language. It gives students a scope for becoming future poet’s writers and journalists. So every school must have a magazine of its own.

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