Newspaper paragraph – complete paragraph for all classes of students

Newspaper paragraph for class 8 to 12

Clues: (a) What is newspaper; (b) What does it contain; (c) Its importance; (d) Its demerits.

Ours is an age of modern science and technology. We have been lifted to a sophisticated level of communication through information technology. We have new ways and means for our comforts. But newspaper is the most popular means of communication to us newspaper is a paper that carries news and views of home and abroad to us. We read newspapers every day. We cannot think of modern life without it. Newspapers are like our daily food. Newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge. The importance of reading newspaper is indispensable.

Newspaper is called the people’s parliament. It is a mirror of public opinion and activities of the state. A newspaper is very useful thing to us in many ways- for it contains many important things of home and abroad. It mainly contains the current news and views of home and abroad. It also contains the weather news, sports news, tender notice, appointment notice. Share market news etc. All these are important for human being because they can know their expected things through reading newspaper.

Newspaper is a storehouse of facts and events of current life. It contains the current comments and views. Man can know about the whole world within a few times sitting in the room. Man can know what is happening in one corner of the world through reading newspaper. In a word newspaper has brought the whole world to our door. It has made the whole world into a concise form.

Man is much advanced now. Even the people of rural areas are also more conscious. Man desires to know the world tremendously. For this they largely depend on newspaper radio or television.

Newspapers sometimes publish exaggerated and sensational information. They create misunderstanding and embitter relations between individuals, parties and nations. The publicity organs of rival parties vie with each other in spreading hatred and jealousy. Sometimes they spread violence and incite war. This is surely a wrong use of newspaper.

The value and importance of reading newspaper is great. To build up a nation its importance is very high. Reporters and journalists guide the nation in many ways. But they should publish fruitful news so that the nation cannot be misguided.

Newspaper paragraph for class 5 to 8

Clues: (a) Kinds of newspaper; (b) its history; (c) Usefulness of reading newspaper; (d) Harmful effects.

Newspaper is a wonder of modern science. Newspaper is a paper that carries news and views of home and abroad to us. It is the current history of the world. A civilized society can hardly go without newspaper. It has become a part and parcel of our day to day life.

There are many kinds of newspaper such as dailies, biweeklies, weeklies, monthlies and even quarterlies. Of them, the dailies are the most important because most of the people read the dailies for they give us the current news and views of the day. There are some other papers which are known as periodicals and magazines.

It is believed that newspaper was first introduced in China. Newspaper was first published in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The first newspaper issued in the Indian subcontinent was the India Gazette, which was first published in 1774. Samachar Darpan is the first Bengali Newspaper. The Christan Missionaries of Srerampore published since 1818. There are a good number of newspapers both in Bangla and English in our country. The most remarkable dailies are-the Ittefaq, the Prothom alo, the Inquilab, the Jugantor, the Bangladesh Observer, the Bangladesh Times, the Daily Star and so on.

Newspapers are very useful to us. They give us news and views of the world. We can know about the world sitting in the corner of the house. Global distance has been removed. The world has become smaller. They form public opinion. The newspapers give news about politics, economics, culture, literature, games and sports of the whole world. Newspapers provide us both information and pleasure. Most of the newspapers publish weekly magazines which include stories, poems, music, fun and other things. They form a part of literature.

Newspaper has some demerits too. Sometimes they publish wrong information and misguide us. So real and fruitful news should be published so that people can trust on them Exaggerated and sensational information create misunderstanding and embitter relations among individuals, parties and nations. They also create hatred and jealousy and sometimes incite war. This is surely a wrong use of newspaper and it must be stopped.

Despite this, newspapers are very useful to us. So one should read a newspaper daily.

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