My daily life essay – complete essay for all classes of students

My daily life essay for class 8 to 12

Daily life means how we spend our time in our day-to-day life. We pass our days doing different things. To make our life meaningful, we have to follow a routine in our everyday life. So I try to follow a routine in order to reach my goal. My day starts early in the morning. Then I wash myself and say Morning Prayer. After that the morning begins with a cup of tea. Then I go out for a walk in the open air for twenty minutes. After coming back home, I have my breakfast and then sit down to study for two hours. After that I take a shower and meal. After taking meal I brush my teeth and get ready for school.

My school begins at 11 am. In daily life I attend my classes regularly. During tiff in time I say my Zahra prayer and then have some light snacks. Then I go to the common room and enjoy some indoor games such as chess, table-tennis, etc with my friends. After that I attend my class again.

My school finishes at 4 pm. Then I come back home, wash myself and take some rest. After that I take some tiff in and go to field to play with my friends. I love football but table-tennis is my favorite game daily life.

I come back home from field at sunset. Then I say my evening prayer and then go to my study at 7.30 pm. I study there about two hours. Then I have my supper with my family members and enjoy educational programs. Sometimes I enjoy educational programs in the midst of my study. This does not hamper my studies at all. I go to bed at 11 pm as usual in daily life. And before going to bed I brush my teeth carefully.

I follow this routine every day. But it’s different on holidays and vacations. On holidays I visit my friends and relatives. Besides, I enjoy films and stage- dramas with my families. Sometimes, I visit different places with my family. Thus I spend my daily life.

My daily routine does not make me monotonous. Rather it inspires me to do all these activities. I think daily life will greatly help me to achieve my goal.

My daily life essay for class 5 to 7

[A] When do you get up from bed?            

[D] What do you do in the afternoon?

[B]What do you do then?                            

[E]What else do you do?

[C] How long do you stay at school?

Every man has a daily routine of his own. According that he passes has days. I also have a daily routine and I fallow it accordingly. Usually I get up early in the morning and go out for a walk. After that I wash myself and say prayer. Then I go to my reading my breakfast I go to school. In the school I take my seat in the first bench. I am always attentive to my callas and try to listen to my teachers carefully. I take Tiff in during break time. After my class have finished, I come back home. At home I put off my clothes wash myself and take meal. Taking a little rest I go to the playground. There I usually play with my playmates. Sometimes I work in the garden whenever I get time. I water the plants regularly and weed out of it. Just before evening I return home and after washing my hands and face I sit down to study. I help my Younger to learn their studies I take my meal at 10 pm. Thus I pass my daily life.

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