International Mother Language Day paragraph – complete paragraph

International Mother Language Day paragraph for class 8 to 12

Clues: (a) Date; (b) Historical background; (c) Acknowledgement; (d) Observing all over the world; (e) Achievement.

The 21st February is now the International Mother Language Day. The UNESCO, a branch organization of UN has declared this date as the International Mother Language Day. This day has popularized Bangladesh to all over the world. This day has also brought name and fame of our country. On this day we pay homage to the noble martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our mother tongue in 1952. This language movement found its culmination into the movement for independence. International Mother Language Day also gave rise to the spirit of Bengali nationalism which reached its goal in independent Bangladesh in 1971. Now this day has become the source of eternal inspiration to all peace loving people.

The historical background of this day is not unknown to us. Bangladesh was the part of Pakistan before 1971 named as East Pakistan. On 21st March 1948, the then ruler of Pakistan declared unequivocally that. “Urdu and Urdu only shall be the state language of Pakistan.” The people of East Pakistan at once protested this unilateral decision. They burst out to distraction. As they are greater in number so they demanded that Bangle not Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan. But the Pakistani ruler refused the demand. All the alert people of East Pakistan including students, teachers, laborers, intellectuals, writers agitated to implement their demand unitedly. The Pakistani ruler brought into force of section 144 all over Dhaka city on 21st February 1952. Then demonstration rose up very high. The students of Dhaka University broke the section 144 and advanced to the Dhaka Medical College. The police threw tear gas and fired to the demonstrators and killed Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar and some other unknown youths. From then we observed the 21st February as the ‘Shahid Day’ till 1999.

Rafiq Islam and Abdus Salam, the two Bengali, who dwelled in Canada formed a committee and submitted a memorandum to UN Secretary General Kofi Anan on 9th January, 1998 demanding 21st February as International Mother Language Day.

But Kofi Anan suggested them to talk with the UNESCO. UNESCO told them that not the person but a member country should send a proposal. On 9th September, 1999 Bangladesh sent the proposal to the UNESCO. Then UNESCO declared the 21st February as an International Mother Language Day on its 30th General Meeting. Now all the member countries of the UNESCO observe 21st February as the International Mother Language Day.

Really it is a great achievement for our language as well as our country. No other nations in the world have laid down their lives for the cause of language. It has a great impact on our national life. We are Bengali nation and are not ready to yield to any sorts of illegal pressure.

Every nation loves and respects his mother tongue and on this day, conscious people renew the pledge for the unity of the nation to rise against all sorts of oppression and assaults. So International Mother Language Day bears an immense significance in the history of the world. Today it has been our sacred duty to develop our language at all costs. Our love to our mother tongue would be proved only when we should be able to use Bangle in every sphere of life. So, let International Mother Language Day must be a part of our sensibilities.

International Mother Language Day paragraph for class 5 to 8

[a] How do we observe 21st February?

[b]What is this day know as?

[c]Who declared about Urdu and when?

[d] What did government outlaw?

[e] Who defied the law and what was the reaction?

[f]When did UNESCO proclaim it as international mother language Day?

21st February is memorable day in our national history. We observe the day as shamed drubs or international mother language day every year. International Mother Language Day is a national holiday. On this day we pay tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives to establish bangle as a stasis language in undivided Pakistan in 1952. This is known as language movement. Actually International Mother Language Day started on 21st march 1948, when the then Governor General of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Zinnia declare that Urdu would be the only official language of Pakistan. The declaration raised a storm of protest in the eastern part of the country, and reached its climax in 1952. The government outlawed all sorts’ public meetings. The students of Dhaka University defied the law and brought out a procession on 21 February 1952.when they reached near Dhaka Medical College, police opened fire killing Salam, Rafiq, Barkat and Jabbar. The UNESCO proclaimed February 21 as the international mother language day in recognition of the sacrifices of the martyrs on 17 November 1999. The Day is now annually observed worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

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