Environment pollution Paragraph – complete Paragraph for all students

Environment pollution paragraph for class 9 to 12

[A] What is environment pollution?

[b] What are the elements of the Environment?

[c] How are the elements of the environment?

[d] What is effect of pollution?

[e] How are people responsible for environment pollution?

[f] What should we do to stop environment pollution?

Environment refers to the air, water and land in which people animals and plants live. Environment pollution is a great problem. Any unexpected and negative change in the environments which is done chemically, physically or hampered, because all the ingredients of environment are inter-related. If this relationship is disturbed there will be a negative effect on the whole environment. Unfortunately, it is happening every moment. Every year millions of people all over the world die unnecessarily as a result of pollution. However, the main two pollution are air pollution and water pollution. Air is a mixer of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon-DI-oxide, etc. but they should exist up to the required level. If these elements are abnormal, it cancelled air pollution. The most common agent that pollutes the air is smoke. We create smoke by cooking food, making bricks, burning coal and oil. Vehicles like buses, trisect use petrol and diesel which are also the causes of air pollution. On the other hand, water can be polluted in many ways too. Our farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their field which easily get mixed with river or pond water and pollute it, besides ,mills and factories throw their waste products and poisonous chemicals. Sea vessels throw oil, food waste, human waste etc which badly pollutes water. Not only that, our modern world is largely affected by sound pollution which is created by vehicle horns, microphones etc. Environment pollution can damage our hearing. However, to lead a sound life, it would not be wise to late to take measures. We must be self-conscious regarding ecological balance because with the downfall of this system.

Environment pollution paragraph for class 5 to 8

Environment is a natural world in which animals, people, and plants live. It consists of various elements such as water, air, etc. when those elements are contaminated environment pollution occurs. Environment pollution is a great problem. The elements of the environments get polluted in various ways and they affect much on the lives. The most important element of the environment is air which is getting polluted and contributing a lot to the environment pollution. Wastage thrown here and there pollutes the air. Vehicles plying on the roads are greatly responsible for air pollution. The black smoke from the various brick fields also contaminates air largely and contribute to the environment pollution. Another important element of the environment is water. This water is getting seriously polluted. The causes of water pollution are many. People throw wastage into the water and pollute it besides, with the development of science, various engine driven boats and ships are introduced in the river way. These cause water pollution heavily. Again, various kinds’ chemicals become mixed with water and pollute it. Sometimes farmers use various kinds of insecticides and chemicals which get mixed with rain water and thus contaminate water in rivers. Sound pollution is also responsible for environment pollution. When sound surpasses a certain degree, sound pollution occurs. U sing of loud speaker in various shops random horns from the vehicle, and loud music in festivals are responsible for sound pollution.

Deforestation is also liable for environment pollution. Cutting down trees at random causes imbalance in the environment. The effect of environment pollution is serious. People are attacked by various fatal diseases and various natural calamities appear. In fact the environment pollution is a threat to the existence of human being. So, we all together should be careful to keep our environment free from pollution. 

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