A School Library Paragraph – complete paragraph for all class

A school library paragraph for class 8 to 12

Clues: (a) Location: (b) Number and types of books: (c) Importance.

Man has an indomitable thirst for knowledge. So he continues to undertake his untiring attempts to know the unknown and to see the unseen. From the concept of storing books of knowledge, man felt the need of library. In course of time library turns to be the store-house of knowledge. Usually every school has a library. School library is very helpful for the students. By using library students are benefited in many ways and enrich their knowledge.

Like other schools, my school has a library. It is situated on the first floor of our school building. It’s a very suitable place which is close to my classroom. For this reason I can use the library as my wish.

My school library is a large library according to the number of books and space. There are many books in our library. My school library has about five thousand books. The books are different in type. There are text books, story books, novels, books of poetry, books of science dramas etc in my school library. Besides, there are various types of magazines and newspapers in the library.

My school library is very important and helpful for me and for all the students of our school. It fulfills the thirst of my earning knowledge and need of various kinds of books. After class hour l take note from many books of the library and study related books in order to make the concept of classroom learning more clearly. By using library I prepare handsome notes for every subject in order to do better in the examination. Besides reading text books, read other books such as novels, stories and books of science in order to enjoy or remove monotony from my mind and enrich my knowledge. Through this I gain new inspiration to study text books. Like me other students of our school use library in their ways and are benefited. According to this view, the importance of my school library is very high to me and other students.

Certainly my school library is like a real friend. It not only helps to spread and achieve knowledge but also gives me enjoyment. It is playing very important role in every sphere of learning and spreading knowledge and concepts among the students. 1 am a lucky that my school has such a rich library person.

A school library paragraph for class 5 to 8

[A]What is a school library?

[b]where is it situated?

[c]What kinds of books are there in your school library?

[d]What is the use of your school library?

[e]How can you borrow books from there?

[f] What sorts of books do you borrow from the library?

A school library is a place where different categories of books are stored. It is called a storehouse of knowledge. A library fills our desire for knowledge the uncommon and unseen. A library is a part and parcel of a school. A school cannot be imagined without salary. It is a spacious room having a number of admirals and shelves. There are a lot of books on literature, history, geography, religion and science and science. The books are arranged in different shelves according to the subject. There is a librarian and some assistants. They help students to find and collect the books. It is a student likes borrow a book. He has to show his library card. The school authority issues the library cards. The student can also read books sitting in the reading table in a school library. The students often come here to spend their leisure time by reading books. Every student has to keep silence here. A library is a must for every school and it provides the studied food their hunger for knowledge.

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