A rainy day paragraph – complete paragraph for all classes of students

A rainy day paragraph for class 9 to 12

Clues: (a) Introduction; (b) Main features of rainy day (c) Benefits of a rainy day (d) Disadvantages of a rainy day

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. They have distinctive features. At an interval of every two months, there appears a new season. Rainy season is one of them. This season consists of the months of Asher and Saran. Sometimes this season stretches up to the middle of September. The season starts when the south-west monsoon begins to blow.

During this rainy day the sky remains clouded. Sometimes rain continues for days together. Tanks and pools that dry up in winter and summer are all filled up again. Rivers gradually rise till they overflow their banks. Some places remain under water for the greater part of rainy day and appear to be vast sheets of water. Everywhere roads are covered with mud. A rainy day the sky remains overcast with thick clouds during this season. The sun cannot be seen for days together and strong wind blows. Sometimes there is heavy shower, thunder and lightning that make normal life paralyzed.

During rainy season or a rainy day fishes are available in various sources. People of various classes catch fish during rainy day. I along with my cousin caught fishes by hooks. When got a fish with my hook, my pleasure knew no bounds. Besides, the incidents of collecting Shapla, our national flower brought me much pleasure.

The nature, during rainy day wears a beautiful look. The influence of rain purifies the whole atmosphere. They lessen the heat of summer and stimulate the growth of vegetables and crops. It is the time for gathering ‘Aush’ crops and planting ‘Aman’ paddy. Farmers find pleasure because of sufficient rainfall. Without caring any hazards they work in the field all day long. Rainy season comes as a boon to the farmers.

There is no unmixed blessing on the earth. A rainy day brings a lot of miseries to the day laborers but blessings for the rich, poets and philosophers. But still, Rainy day is the most important one because ours is an agricultural country. Our agriculture mostly depends on rain. Our agriculture will suffer and there will be less harvest if there is no sufficient rain. The whole country will suffer from scarcity of food. In spite of this a rainy day is very interesting.

A rainy day paragraph for class 5 to 8

[A] How is rainy day?

[b]What usually happens on this day?

[c]what do people do on this day?

[d]What do children do on this day?

[e]How do you spend the day?

A rainy day is a day on which heavy rain pours down from morning till night, and this is a phenomenon we expect in the rainy season. A rainy day is wet. It is usually a part of the rainy season. On a rainy day the sky remains overcast .The day looks gloomy .The sun hides itself behind the clouds and seldom comes out. Occasionally, gusty wind blows. Sometime, the rain continues for days and one day becomes the part of the next without having a break of the morning or the noon. It seems as if the rain would never cease. Streets and roads get deserted. Water accumulates and drainage becomes a problem. The office-goers go out with umbrellas over their head, shoes in hand and clothes folded up to their knees. But if it rains in torrents people get drenched. On a rainy day, I remain in my house and read story books. A rainy is curse to the poor people since they can’t go out for work and earn their food. The students can’t go to their schools and feel like holiday.

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